30 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

the above bricks is original from LEGO,it sticks better together.And i built it myself! hah! XD .Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland because i want to bring my son there. Ziyyad has been begging me since he saw Legoland's commercial, the one with the dragon roller coaster. Please,Maybank..give my 4 y.o the oppurtunity to go to legoland, i will enjoy it too,as i grew up playing lego with my siblings :)

it would be a dream come true for my son. Thank you in advance. i love you Maybank,do you know i have an account with you. Here,have some cookies.eh. XD


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Rai OurKizuna said...

Blog ni ada kaitan dengan DaddyZiyyad eh?