14 September 2012

Magnetic IG pics {tutorial}

Bil abalik rumah,macam mana penat pun memang terasa nak crafting kadang-kadang..dah lama tak buat sesuatu..

so here is what you need.

1. magnetic sheets (with adhesive side,easy to stick your pics,no glue no mess), i get mine from Daiso. RM5 a piece. It comes it various sizes. There is also magnetic tape,magnetic tag and also magnetic printer paper.. I'm having a hard time to choose. XD

2.An Instagram ac (follow me @Anasfadilah ... eh sempatt) ..but i download my Insta pic from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth,easier that way.

3.Inkjet printer and photo paper. I'm using Hp advanced photo paper,type glossy (well i think better used semi gloss or matte) but i make do on whatever i have in hand :) 

so how to do it,refer to pictures below...heeee

Remember the day i decided to print my IG pics? I already put it up!

hahahaha! Did the frame myself (toldya...). a hard type cardboard,purchased at nearby stationaries shop. RM4, quite big.

The frame is 5x5 inches.

Now,the project is finish.Whats next...hmmm

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2 ::tingTong:::

aZeeMaH said...

cantikkk sgt!!!

Nurashikin ZA a.k.a NAZECK said...

Thanx for sharing.
Looking for FM order.
Tapi jumpa DIY - is better.