01 March 2012

Playful and self-discipline

it's been long since i've made a ready made nursing cover..i miss all the fun times,matching all sort of fabrics,adding lace,ribbon and whatsnot..

where have i been?what i've been doing for the last few month?

what a waste..

last night i decided to renew my oath,i promise myself to be more discipline

i see a lot of other crafters,they have a day job to keep,cook for their family,still have time to sew or make crafty things at night time.

i envy those crafters.where did they get the energy?arent they tired?is there any supplement they take to keep up the energy?basically the question is: Y U NO TIRED???!

u know what...you got to do,what you got to do.

everyday,i woke up at 6.30am (ok,i lied,after a couple of hitting the snooze button i finally wake up...pfthhh), went to work,at 6pm or 6.30pm i arrived home from work,give myself a rest  for a good 30 minutes or an hour (usually an hour,but now must cut down to 30 mins only) i will start doing the house chores,it is not that much,because husband already help his part (well, i get to do the dishes,he,in another hand,have to kemas the sepah Ziyyad has made,basically throwing Ziyyad's toys in the toy's drawer)

because Ziyyad has started schooling,he must sleep at 8.30pm every night (except on weekends) well sometime give or take,9 pm.tops. Usually,husband will asked me to accompany Ziyyad asleep,but in the end i will doze off too. There goes my precious time.Pfthhhh

but this week i am full with determination,to change back the way i used to be. After all the house chores,Ziyyad and En.Anas,i will head up into my sewing room,replied emails from customers,and start sewing.

all you need is DISCIPLINE.

if others can do it,so can i.

so last night i did this

This is Playful, a ready made nursing cover,RM50 (excluding postage) come visit Kedai Chomel for more info. ( it is 100% cotton)

what a way to boost the spirit eh..

p/s: suka bila berjanji pada diri,dan diri menepati janji tersebut.ada faham tak ayat ni? XD

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