08 March 2012

Lacey Me!

Ready Made Nursing Cover Lacey Pink Polka II and Lacey Yellow Polka II , made it last night. :)

These two darlings a hit,i'm opening a pre orders for these two. Playful only 1 stock left,while the Girly Girl still got 3 left.So,grab em quick .

Come visit  {KedaiChomel-Nursing Cover} for more infos :D

p/s: nak shopping kain,nak shopping kain...heee.can't wait!

 {Chomel Clippies} {custom-made luggage tags}{Passpocket by Chomel}

2 ::tingTong:::

mamalisa said...

anas, nak order playful nursing cover ada lagi tak? or dgn erti kata lain nak tempah yg ni kalau fabric masih ada...pls reply me yeah

Anasfadilah said...

masih ada satu ,kalau nak saya booked kan. email saya di erni. fadzila. saharudin@ gmail. com