07 January 2012

DIY: wedding corsage

this corsage will be used during my big brother wedding day. So how to make it?

Things you should have

1. im using a 2 in 1 brooch,bought it at kak Jaja
2. Ribbons. For the flower im using 1 inch (") wide ribbon,for the name im using 1/2" ribbon
3.My trusty old glue gun,maybe you can use UHU glue if u didnt have glue gun.
5.Some Felt ( Daiso also selling Felt or maybe u can visit kak Jaja tamu )
6. Patience. XD

How To Roll The Flower

ok, on how to roll the flower im using Danielle method,easy to understand. However she used fabric (as u can see i used lots of fabric flower on my lanyard). we will be using the 1" Ribbon (the wider the ribbon the easier u manage and handle it)

After finish making the flower,put it aside

How To Make The Ribbon With Name

is the same method im using while making my own kedai chomel label,ONLY that im using ribbon this time. It is a bit trickier and u have to do a lot of trial and error. If the iron setting too low,the name wont stick on your ribbon,too high you burn it! (yeah...been there done that) . For those who is having problem making the label using twill tape,only used COTTON twill tape.Cotton will not burn easily.

make sure when you cut the name the height is the same with your ribbon like the picture below

the setting im using on my iron,after a few trial and error. Not too low not too high. 

as the iron on transfer paper we already cut it like 1/2" in height,be careful not to burn your fingers as well. Give it a good ironing back and forth,left and right for a few second,peel the transfer paper gently and slowly. And you will have a nice set of names like what i already did as the picture above.

How To Ensemble The Corsage

Tips: Im using felt because i used 2 flowers to make the corsage. If you used only 1 flower,no need to put felt as the backing,just glue the flower on the pin/brooch.

ok. I forget to take picture while ensembling. So, first..

Cut a rectangular out of ur felt, the width and height is up to you. Mine fit just nice to cover the back of the flower without showing the green felt up front.

put a generous amount of glue on the flower and paste it on the felt.

Put it aside.

Glue the ribbon with name first on the pin.Make sure is parallel when you pinned it on your cloth,to make sure it is not slanting.but if you want it to be slant,its up to you then :)

After that,glue the flower on the felt on top of it.

so there! i hope im giving you a clear picture on how to do it yourself. Remember to click the link given,as it is useful :D

{KedaiChomel-Nursing Cover} {Chomel Clippies} {custom-made luggage tags}{Passpocket by Chomel}

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Saya sgt tertarik dgn pin ni.boleh sy tau berapa hrga utk pin ni if sy beli secara pukal?

Dan jugak,bila order di buka ye?

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