10 October 2011

Chomel FoldOver Clutch - For Sale!

i sew a foldover clutch yesterday,it can fit your galaxy tab,or maybe your wallet or phone :) ( or like me,campak segala mak nenek termasuk calculator XD )

selling for RM 20 (excluding postage) right at the moment, I'm selling this fabric pattern first, It will be more soon :)

email me for details : erni.fadzila.saharudin at gmail.com

{KedaiChomel-Nursing Cover} {Chomel Clippies} {custom-made luggage tags}{Passpocket by Chomel}

5 ::tingTong:::

Ida Fahani said...

nnt dah ada fabric lain, cepat2 upload k


Dils said...

eiii.. lawa... aku kalau beg2 bermotip bunga2 ini, start lah teruja...

Anonymous said...

dear i nak order lanyard. still open for order?

Anasfadilah said...

pu3natul: masih open lagi :)

Dils:hahaha,meh aa beli XD

Ida: will do will do.. :)

Anonymous said...

ok i dah sent email semalam..please let me know if u receive or not k?