28 December 2010

Inventing My Own Ipad Application for Maxis

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i am an online seller. it is always troublesome for me sometime if a customer texted me and said "kak,nak tanya,bila barang sampai?saya nak tracking number boleh?" as tracking number is bunch of numbers and i had to find em in my pile of borang pos. That is a lot i tell you.

And nowadays we see a lot of people starting to use their blog as blogshop, selling everything from cloth,jeweleries even preloved toys . Sekarang ni juga zaman smartphones,everybody have em, even i have one. So to fully utilize it i come out with an Idea, an App called MYParcel, a parcel tracking app specially made for Malaysian! Sangat berguna untuk online seller like me or even anyone who wanted to track down their parcel anywhere anytime!

It will have all the common courier available in Malaysia, such as from Pos Malaysia,UPS and City Link. Awesome kan?

Now,if a customer ever ask me their parcel tracking number,im happily search em as i already saved it it my MYParcel apps!

want an Ipad for yourself? head over MAXIS today!

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p/s: abang saya sangat cool and awesome!

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