10 June 2010

*my water moments*

ada contest baru anjuran nuffnang,dapat kamera sony cyber shot terbaru lagi..wah!teruja

iklan atas ni bukan lady gaga ke holding the camera in the water..rasa macam lady gaga lah.. (focus,focus! this is not about lady gaga olala)

mengambil gambar dalam air menggunakan kamera saya?mustahil!mustahil!imposibble!

i wish i can..pasal selalunya saya duduk di gigi air,di tepi kolam pasal takut camera kena air..sungguh bosan bila tengok Ziyyad and En.Anas bermain air..i wish i can join the fun but instead i have to pegang the camera capture the fun moment..


"splish splash!"

have to take this picture far away..or else my camera will kena the water splashing by my son...

awesome wave i tell u dat day,i wish i can jump in and play with them,but with my camera how leh? have to sit far away from the water and fun obviously to take this picture..hate u no-fun-not-waterproof camera!

this picture?! can't even see my son some more. if i have cybershot TX-5 sure this will not happen, as Cybershot Tx-5 have CMOS sensor,it provide smear free images..no more smear i tell u lah!

take 10 pictures in 1 second time frame! vivid sharp image no smear.. my son picture playing with water will be clear like a glass

can take pictures in the rain summore if i have TX-5. (dancing in the rain and taking pictures..fun factor up by 100%)

is that all with this TX-5? waterproof..then? so what.there is other digital camera that is also waterproof

TX-5 is using carl zeiss vario tesser lense, if u guys didn't know,carl zeiss is notable lense maker,the lenses are widely used in microscope.

microscope ok,bukan lense bodo-bodo je

this is an electron microscope , i once did used it at USM..so big laio this microscope.

ok,TX-5..waterproof,good lense..ok,now what?

there is more... i tell you

TX-5 have this Intelligent Sweep Panorama,taking panoramic view effortlessly..its like having a wide lense without having the wide lense,get or not what i mean?


TX-5 can take HD movie quality at HD 1920x1080i (AVCHD).. nowadays all in high definition i tell u

even to watch the world cup now all in HD,giving u the crisp clear picture

andddd (there is more kah?)

yup there is more

Sony Cybershot TX-5 is the lightest waterproof compact camera there is in the market,weighing approximately about 128 grams (body only)

wait wait there is still more

it has 3 inch touch screen LCD...soooo iphone one...and it come in 5 cool colors namely green,silver,pink,red and black...coolness factor up by 100% percent!!


if u want to know more,wait until i win the sony TX-5, i am sure to tell u more


p/s: need details about the camera spec,head HERE.

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Drama Mama said...

haaa moga kita sama-sama memang!! yeayyyy!!! nak jugak kamera nihhh!! hehehe