03 June 2010

*hanya di radiO*

i listen to the radio almost every morning while going to work

yesterday i'm listening to hot.fm,the topic was what have u achieved for the past 5 month this year

a woman called,and she told that she had a fight with his father early this year..and in the past 5 month she did not contact her father and she felt miserable

and then suddenly for 3 nights a row she dream about her father coming to her house,and quickly after that she called her father,but to no avail..nobody were picking up the phone

she tried to search hi and lo for her father (she live in Sarawak while her father is a masseur in chowkit,KL)

so Fafau (the DJ) said to the woman,to tell the description of her father over the radio

to cut the story short

later that evening, hot.fm was told that Abang Atan (her father nickname) had passed away

what a sad day yesterday to me,and i hope today no more sad story so i listened to Fly.fm this morning

another sad story pop up

a man tried to help an accident victim who is pinned inside the car at 3 am in the morning ,and he saw the car is about to caught in fire

so he drive back his car and reach a petrol station less than 500 meters away from the scene,he did call the 999 before reaching the petrol station

the man asked the person behind the kiosk counter to open the door so he can get the fire extinguisher inside the kiosk

but the kiosk worker won't open the door for him giving him lame excuses,and the man started to yell and scream at the petrol station worker,but the worker did not budge and told the man,they will report him to the police..

so the man drive back to the scene,empty handed..and saw the car already half burnt,with the girl inside screaming for help,until the scream faded as the fire engulf the entire car

he saw the girl,burn alive..something u can't easily erase in your memory i must say

a picture about the accident can be view at ondscene.blogspot

just got this from FB,the man who tried to help the poor girl

sad,sad,sad day for me today.

how life of other affect me so much.

moral of the stories
1. jangan derhaka pada ibu bapa
2.have ur own mini extinguisher in ur own car,i have one provided by perodua.

7 ::tingTong:::

Zety Zin said...

menyedihkan sungguh kisah2 begini. yang worker kat petrol pump tu pun takleh disalahkan 100% jugak, sebab banyak sangat kes orang berlakon then sebenarnya nak merompak. saya sendiri pernah terkena. huhu. hampir kena libas dengan parang okeh.

Anasfadilah said...

zety zi:that is why..dia pun ikut prosedur..takut gak zaman sekarang ni macam-macam jenis org..dah la kul 3 pagi lak tu

Dils said...

That is so sad

And betul, org dekat stesen minyak tu memang act cara betul pon. Sebab macam mana pon, die org tak boleh bukak pintu or tingkap. My uncle (owner stesen minyak) dah a few times kena anta pekerja gi hospital sebab kena parang.

But fire extinguisher in a car tu memang patut pon. Hehehe.. Tapi teringat kat utp dulu, nampak ade kete terbakar, tp owner kete tu tak boleh nk capai fire extinguisher die sbb terbakar dkt dgn fire extinguisher. Nasib baik tepi building tu ade fire extinguisher.

Ely Hasrul said...

dh meninggal ke bapak dia.. siannye..
fire extinguisher tu dh bertahun dlm kete berkesan lagik ke? terus tpikir nak check hihihi

SyidaMislan said...

i heard the story kat flyfm jugak. its a lesson to us to hv a mini fire-extinguisher.

aNnAsUe'G said...

1. omg! bapak die dah meninggal ke? baru je pagi tu dengar kat radio time perempuan tu cerita. innalillah. sedihnye.

2. rasanya seumur hidup mcm rasa ralat sgt kalo kite nmpk org terbakar tp x buleh nak tlg. sedih jgk. :(

Lin said...

sya takde fire extinguisher.kt mana nk carik eh?penah nmpk dlm keta org.pastu terpk pejadahnya dia letak menda tu dlm keta..now baru terfikir,utk kes2 cmnila sgt beguna eh..