20 January 2010

*ok,so u know what...*

i dont know about u guys

i dont like sticky entry in blog post

its like,when i have new post, the new post will be under the sticky entry

sticky blog entry is kinda stealing limelight for the new post

get what i mean?

contest baby cutest planet tu sticky, sampai today je..so sabarlah wahai hati

cakap pasal contest,saya pegi tengok contestant lain punya entry

semua cerita panjang-panjang

saya punya short and sweet but meaningful, well at least to me la

and i believe i am the first one who send the cabaran..

Ziyyad ada rezeki kamu,menanglah nak..takde pun takpe.rezeki ni macam-macam rupa

p/s::badan is aching,main badminton semalam kat opis,oh my..im getting old

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3 ::tingTong:::

Hanz said...

same here..i dun like sticky post too but what to do sometimes kena buat..like last time did my giveaway...

btw, good luck to ziyyad..me ni masih tercari-cari gambar sesuai!

Fid said...

me hate sticky post..aci???
i sanggup tak join contest n tak buat apa2 asalkan i takyah buat sticky post....

Anasfadilah said...

kak hanz: tu lah what todo..sometime kena buat..good luck to you too :)

kak fid:: aci! macam kena scroll sampai bawah baru juma entry baru..tak best