04 January 2010

*Chomel Exclusive Range*

Chomel Exclusive Range, price range RM70-85,made from quality cotton and viscose,really soft and flowy

Chomel Nursing Cover for all (price range RM30-RM40)

there is a slight increase of price in all ChomelNC, but fret not,because it is still in your budget

and we at Chomel try to cater for everybody

Now every mom can breastfeed in public with style!

come visit KedaiChomel today

Chomel Nursing Cover


precious innocent said...

alamak, dah nampak design kain yg akak suka.. tp ada dua la pulak... xkan nak beli dua ek? ke nak combine colour? tp kalau gegirl sesuai la duo tu... arghhh!!!

-mama emma-

Anasfadilah said...

ya mari beli mari beli

BoeyJoey said...

The fabric is so dreamy... love them!

Byzura Razali said...

dila, buatkan digicam bag plssss....