15 December 2009

*Curious Kids need to be tough inside*

Ziyyad,my son is 14 month old

he is one curious kid i tell you.

see the picture above? he always have that look...he cant even sit still for our Raya family picture. Always got something in his mind

See, right before taking Raya family picture, he was caught picking up a cotton bud, and have a taste what the cotton bud is like.

i noticed his curiosity since he found he is able to stand.. and its like "Hello World!!" from there for Ziyyad

with all the bacteria and germs at about everywhere im afraid he will fell sick

but, i didnt want all this bad bacteria and germs stopping him from exploring his new found world

i want him to touch the sand,feel the stone and what is like, dip his hand in the murky pond water and learn new things everyday

learning is not all about books, experiencing the real life thing around is much more precious

because experience is the best teacher

But, i also want a healthy kid so he can play and explore

The key to healthy kid is a strong immune system

they say prevention is better then cure

the 5 prevention that we can do as a parent to keep our children healthy are

1. Breastfeeding

every mothers should know, breastfeeding is crucial to develop a strong immune system. Early breast milk or colostrum contain lots of antibodies that help fight infection against bacteria, parasites and viruses

2.Nontoxic environment

Chemical exposure can damage the immune system, decreasing the ability to fight common infections and serious diseases such as cancer. Environmental toxins are everywhere,but we can reduce and avoid unnecessary exposure by going green. reuse,reduce and recycle!

3. Avoid unnecessary antibiotic and vaccines

unless your child really needed it.

4. Mental and emotional well being

the best nutrition for the immune system is love and attention. When your child feel loved and sense that the people around them love each other, they are secure and happy.

Giving your child a massage is another wonderful way to relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.

5. Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to developing and keeping the immune system healthy and strong. Nutrional deficiencies may be responsible for chronic immune problems as it is easier for bacteria or viruses to take hold when important nutrients are missing

thats why Friso Gold contains DHA,AA,SA and other essential nutrients that aid a growing child's overall development

Not just that, Friso Gold also come equipped with prebiotics as combinations of GOS and FOS to help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal environment

wondering what is FOS and GOS? click HERE to know more

Curious kid like Ziyyad need to be tough inside,so he can explore his world and i will have a peace of mind at work...

" i came, i saw and i conquered....first conquer my mum's kitchen,next grandma kitchen.."

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Obefiend Weiland said...

too cute.. seriously

hope menang something

Anasfadilah said...

heheh...hopefuly :

Irabella said...

he really is a curious kid !

Sedap baca karangan dila..mesti time skolah dulu terer wat composition..hehe


Maya said...

this is good...
good luck!

Anasfadilah said...

irabella::ALhamdulillah..tima kasih..tak lah terer tapi bolehlah skit-sikit :)

kak mai:: thank you :)