10 November 2009

*stash swap*

(with remaining energy im typing this entry.. i summoned you power..thunder thunder catttt aouwwwwwww !<--- thats the benadryl kickin in my body system)

saya ada join stash swap dari blog Hani

i was so tempted to join.

stash swap yg saya kena beri ialah

10 buttons (i have loads of cute buttons!)
3 fatQ fabrics ( i have loads of cute fabrics too!)
3 pieces of ribbons,i metre each (alamak,my ribbon takde yg cute la..mmmm)
3 pieces of a4 size felt (have plenty in many different colors, im a fabric addict u know)
a special swap (tak tau nak bagi apa lagi..got to think hard for this though)

so i'll be swapping with kak Fida (kak Fidah jgn marah tau,kalau stash saya tak hip n cool n cute..huhuhu..but i do have vintage buttons to give u ,its among my favourite too :) )

the reason why i joined this stash swap because i want to get to know the others crafters

since they already own their own group,and everybody seems to know each other well

so yeah.im trying to fit in and join them too (kalau kat alam realiti,saya akan menjadi super malu,akan membenamkan kepala dalam tanah macam ostrich,nasib la kat alam maya ni,boleh gak break the ice easily through email and each other shoutbox :P)

so a big hello from me to all my stash swap friend,hope to get to know u guys more :)

p/s:: to all my stash swap friend, the badge as in Hani's (nak panggil tini ke hani ek?) blog or my blog are design by my ever bakat friend,Jiji . i asked her only one,instead she gave me four,kau ni rajin la jiji.

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2 ::tingTong:::

Hanz said...

bestnyer kalau berbakay crafter ni...

Hani said...

bukan ke felt tu 2pieces aje.. heheh ernni up jadi 3 ke? untung siapa yg dapat.. ahaks....