10 September 2009

*where did i begin*

Where did we beginsewing is always my passion since i am a small girl. When i was a little girl, i always sew my own barbie doll dresses. Well, its not really that good (my sewing that is) but i do enjoy cutting the fabric and sew it.

Since that day, i always play with my mom’s old Singer sewing machine.

But now,after i got married, i really took up sewing seriously,as my hobby

i have my own sewing workspace,which i love so much!

i know about quilting back in 1997 (i was about 15), in Malaysia we are required to take this subject called Living Skills (kemahiran hidup). It includes from sewing,to mending pipes. I love when it comes to sewing session.

My teacher teach me how to do quilts. Patching up fabric are so much fun!

but years after that, i forgot how to quilts

only this year,at the age of 27 (ok,so now my age is not a secret anymore..hahaha), i learn back how to quilt, i even bought a book at Borders on how to quilt (Its a bargain,RM 31.90 only! its a quilting kit complete with free rotary cutter!)

P9040513picture above show my sewing space. That is my block i’m working (white arrow). See the book prop against my magnetic notice board (should ask my husband to hang it later..hahaha). I’m trying to make my first Ohio Star.

Well..as u can see,i still don’t have a proper cutting mat and a quilter’s ruler,soon i will buy it!


close up from the book,its a pretty easy project (and so i thought!).

P9050495 can u see my Ohio Star? Its not really that good. But hey, practice make perfect. ( i don’t want to focus on my Ohio Star Wall Hanging because its not pretty,so i divert your attention on my Brother sewing machine..hahaha)

so thats it,my story on how did i begin quilting

p/s:: Robyn, my english is not that good, i hope u can understand my simple english :)

p/s:: and,quilters out there help me if u can ... what is UFO in quilters term?unfinish object?


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Robyn said...

I love your story and I love your Ohio Star!! ...and your sewing machine *wink* lol
Thankyou so much for sharing your story :D It's so exciting to see where we all begin and quite often like you it's because we want to!
Yes UFO is UnFinished Object.

Thanks again and hugs to you!
I love reading these stories xx
Robyn xx

littlemama said...

UFO tu unfinished quilts/projects known also Unfinished Objects