27 September 2009

*to all who own a DSLR!*

Many of us nowadays own at least a DSLR camera,no matter what the brand is

good news for all of u who own a DSLR

i am selling handmade DSLR slipcover strap for ur precious DSLR camera(s)

how does my slipcover strap work u might ask?

here's how

Take one end of ur strap,and thread it through in the middle opening of the strap slipcover towards one of the end openings. Pull it through as shown above

Repeat for the other end,and voila! now ur DSLR are different with others :)

it is machine washable too!

made from 100% Cotton with interfacing/stabilizer or u can choose heavy cotton for more durability

for the above picture,im using a Nikon D90 strap

for those who own a different DSLR camera brand such as Canon EOS send me the size of ur DSLR strap

here's how to measure

Fold ur strap in half, and give me the Lenght x Width in cm/inches (do take the measurement as shown above,from the leather part)

Choose ur fabric today for a promotional price of RM15 per strap (excluding postage)

1,2 are heavy cotton

3,4,5,6 are 100% cotton with interfacing

promotion ends October 15th!

hurry up and get ur DSLR Strap Slipcover today!

email me for any enquiries or questions


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kakZana said...

Erni... lawa la kain-kain tu... tp akak xde kamera cam Erni... sob..sob..sob...

Byzura Razali said...

kalau wat tuk digital cam boleh tak..samsung PL50
sukelah yg pinky pinky tuh

Byzura Razali said...
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Anasfadilah said...

Byzura:: Pl50 samsung ada strap tak?can u give me the width x length tak?maybe boleh buat kot?..untuk strap slipcover ni strap besar2 macam DSLR punya strap nampak sikit corak nya

tapi if u nak,i'll try make it for u?nak tak?

Byzura Razali said...

takde straplah dear
kalau u bleh watkan case die cun gak...
okeh saiz die...
9cm x 5.5cm x 2cm