06 August 2009

*cherry bloom*

buttons,buttons..give me more buttons!P8050080

i love buttons,last night i made several brooches out of buttons and some scrap fabric


the buttons came in many shape and sizes


they came in delightful colors too

P8050087 i made the brooches with some felts too,u can adorn this lovelies on the lapel of ur favourite jacket

P8050090 :)


and i love to take picture using natural light :P

all the brooches are for sell,the price will be revise later


email me at

stashowale at hotmail dot com

p/s::apesal entry blog hari ni macam karangan english darjah 3 aje ni..hahah

p/p/s::i bought the buttons from Buttonplanet and Jusco Queensbay


6 ::tingTong:::

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

nice :) tapi pegi keja pakai baju kurung sajork :(

azzamoro said...

sweetnyerrr... kalau ade design pastu mintak u buat boleh ker?

yaya said...

hamboi cantiknya, you go girl! keep it up!

Drama Mama said...

yang pink tu sangat cute! hmmm kena beli jacket lah before beli buttons nih

Syafazaliza said...


nice..! good job..!
u stay kat penang kat mana..? sy kat area gtown..

Sue said...

talented erni..apa lagi aku nak cakap kan..btw..yang polka dot tu cun la...hehe