18 June 2009

*Lil stitchy giveway*

a giveway by lilstitchy

Lian, from lilstitchy is having a giveway..

and she is going to giveway fabs fabrics..sangat best ooh dapat fabbies yg comel

i love the pink,the stripe,the dots..i love all of em :)


Lian, do let me have the fabulous fabrics..pweety pleaseeeeee~~

p/s::crafter memang suka tengok kain-kain macam ni.. i love working with japanesse cotton :)


Jiey^Mien said...

nak blaja gak la keje2 yang boleh mendatangkan income nih.. =)

Queens said...

kain2 tu cantik ar.. kalo buat baju kurung ayra cntik gak