24 April 2009

*down with fever*

Ziyyad demam.kasihan dia :(

selamat hari Jumaat semua.

tiada mood nak update banyak-banyak.jumpe kita hari Isnin,


updated :

im selling at Etsy. For those who lives outside Malaysia, be it in Brunei,Indonesia,Oman or even USA or UK, u now can by my handmade stuff.

go have a look. I will upload more handmade stuff soon,InsyaAllah.


1 ::tingTong:::

cleo weiland said...

I like Etsy. Cute name. Will check out your collection!

Hope little Ziyyad gets well soon. Macam musim demam je. My cousin's baby girl pun demam jugak. Is this a baby conspiracy? :P

You're an awesome Mom! Ziyyad will be better in no time at all, InsyaAllah :)Hang in there okeh~