19 February 2008

::Jalan2 cari pasal part 1::

pika26pika26kami baru balik dari babymoon...tak pegi jauh pun...dalam 25 minutes flight dah sampai destination..pergi ke mana ya ibu? pergi Medan aja..Putar2 Berastagi hingga ke Parapat..this trip memang fun and funny la...En.Suami dan saya asyik nak tergelak aje along the way...kitaorg ada satu Pak Turis Guide and satu Paman Supir...diorang ni memang best jugak la..
(tak mampu nak pergi jauh2 dgn keadaan perut yang berisi Si Chomel..)

Pictures later because semua pics ada dalam hp En.Suami and his handycam (my camera yang tolol amat itu sudah di gigit oleh pemiliknya...harus aja di buang kasi makan buaya!)

heres some tips when u were in Medan,Berastagi and Parapat

1.honk!everytime u want to pass another car..

2.stop anywhere u feel like while driving.In the middle of the road? also can..not a problem here

3.feels like not obeying the traffic light?yes sir...u can.nobody cares...and the policeman can be bribe..easy isnt it? (and there is no accident i tell ya)

4.When u arrived at Simarajarunjung (on the way to Parapat) they will u give u gingerale tea..and the road to Perapat is like hell (lagi teruk pada nak naik Cameron Highland and Kundasang..)the road is twisting and binding..after arriving at Parapat the first we thing we do is throwing up together-gether,thanks to the gingerale tea...hahaha (the ginger tea is hot as in pedas..i only drank two sips while En.Suami drank 2 cups...angin je satu badan...last2 muntah dua2 orang...)

5. when in Rome do as the romans do..well in Medan its the same..while we in the airport for a flight back to Penang..the emigration officer did not arrive yet..and its like 15 minutes more for boarding.And here there is no term of first come first serve basis..here they implying the system..cut the queue and u get serve or,have a lot money?u are serve first..so i jump the queue...wahahaha! (etiquettes?whats that?...hahahaha)

6.because the money here is smaller compared to ours...do make sure how mush zeros at he back of the first digit..do not make mistakes when trying to give money when buying something,do take ur time to recheck how much u will be giving away (En.Suami have given away 100 000 Rp to donate at Istana Maimoon in Medan...he intent to give 10 000 Rp...but well,this is our first time here,and the zeros blinded us for a moment...Now,En.Suami is officially the heir of Queen Siti Maimoon...hahahaha)

7.Do bargain for a really good price in anything u want to buy.

overall our trip is super fun(despite the stupid camera that aint working!)..because we make it fun. i do have some backache this is due to long journey to Berastagi (1 hour 30 minutes from medan by van), to Parapat (4 hours from Berastagi),and back to Medan via Permatang Siantar (4 hours)...we did stop for some good scenery and toilet breaks..En.Suami tolong urut2 pinggang saya..Makaseh ya mas.

and all the shopping (and the bargaining also...hehehe) were done by En.Suami...terer juga En.Suami menawar-nawar...tapi raja tawar menawar masih dipegang oleh Cik Intan...wehooo!

p/s::masih lagi kecapikan..

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