28 February 2008

::baby clothing and stuff::

quoted from the rough guide to pregnancy and birth by kaz cooke
"anyway,back to baby gear,some kids' clothes are $30 a throw,even $60 a throw,for something that they must grow out of in a nanosecond. I'm thinking i might just coat my child in Vaseline to keep it warm. There are T-shirts and romper suits things you can buy with 'Baby' written on the front- you know in case you think you've given birth to a ferret, or you get confused and start dressing your bedside lamp. 'No,that's not right, tea-cosy on the teapot,T-shirt on the BABY'."
i have to admit reading Kaz,really make my side aching with laughter..her writing is witty..and her book on pregnancy and birth guide is sure the soundest,sanest,wittiest advice you'll ever get.

bayangkan,membeli baju baby,yang akan outgrown lagi 2 bulan,macam membazir kalau kita beli mahal2 (unless u are a diamond heiress...hahaha)...coating a baby with a vaseline surely not the right choice la kan...tapi bak kata En.Suami "kita beli 3 pun dah cukup,lagi 2 bulan dia besar,kita beli baju lain pulak"..

saya dah tak sabar to get my hands on those teeny weeny baby least nak beli juga satu,koman2 saya ada pengalaman membeli my 1st ever baju baby! (dah bincang dgn En.Suami nak venture kedai2 baby hari sabtu ni,pasal dia cuti hari tu...wehoooo!)

i will try to buy the best for my baby,but with a good price (or bargain price...ini adalah teknik mengukur wallet di poket sendiri ye...heheheh)

p/s::no wonder mama still working when i was small,she want the best for me that money can offer..Love you mama!



Miss BumbleBee said...

itu along & arin, mereka pampared anak2 mereka dgn baju2 branded, tapi they get it with a very very reasonable price, kadangkala rejeki dapat yg mulah-mulah.


AnasDila said...

sometime i wish i am a diamond heiress la kak yan...hahaha :P

wawajoe said...

Anak pakai branded, mak beli seluar kat Giant jer...hahahaha...asalkan anak bergaya, mak tak beli baju pun takpe...nanti baby kamu lahir, baru kamu paham. Everything anak comes first. Adatlah kan, we want the best for our child.

AnasDila said...

kak long::ni sekarang pun malas nak beli baju baru,kena paksa dgn anas baru la beli...esok dah ada anak,18 tahun sekali kot beli baju baru utk diri sendiri....wahahahaha!

p/s:malas nak masuk changing room...remeh la...lagipun saya fussy.