16 January 2008

::what u really2 want to do,but u cant::

(because i have so many time to waste...i write 3 entries just for a day...wahahaha)

what the things u really really want to do,but u just cant (because for some absolute reason..i.e religion)

i really really wanted to have a TATOO on my back (thanks to miami ink and LA ink...they tatooed absolutely awesome tatoo)..once i want a butterly but then i changed it for a cat..i want jojo to be tatood on my skin...i love her so much,She is the cutest most adorable cat i ever have (the first cat i have to pay to have it...hahaha...but its worth every cent)...i would personally want Cat (from La ink) to tat me..

the 2nd thing i would to have is a dog...i know im a cat lover..but actually i kinda like dogs to.If i can have a dog,i would like to have a snow dog..they look like a wolf,but much friendlier (i guess...:P)..why i like dogs? because they are big and u can play catch with em..(if u opted for a big dog,u get big dog,but if u like chihuahua...well...its small like Paris once have)

anyho..it doesnt matter whether i have it or not.Cat will do just fine for me.Cat seem to understand what u feel. I love jojo,always. About the tatoo thingy,i always can have the temporary one..although its not as nice as the real thing, i guess im settle with it...hehehe

p/s::mesti ada hikmah pada semua benda Allah haramkan..nak tau?p la cari sendiri...peace!

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