24 January 2008

::what ive learn today::

despite im at work today..but because i have plenty of time (sample baru tade,so mari kita belajar something useful.)

i want my blog are fun to read,so i add some emoticons (emotion icons) first i try using the normal html,but it doesnt fit nicely to my,after doing some googling, i found a site,on how to install ur own emoticons on u toolbar for blogspot..but u have to use Firefox as ur browser,and u need to add on greesemonkey to enable u to add on some friendly scripts (at first i dont know what is scripts,but the computer does the installing for u,so no need to worry about it..)..want to know how to install this cool emoticons click HERE!...its really i am also a blind in HTML and CSS..but luckily i know a bit of it made it a lot easier..(lagipun ada abg effi,so saya boleh minta tolong die...wink)

i onced used IE7 and opera for my web browser,but at the end i choose firefox,because of they are much my blog is best viewed using Firefox.

this is SOME my emoticons

the bunny and pucca thingy are cute but its too big,but u can resize,its simple..

p/s::saya belajar menggunakan bahan dari internet saje...terer jugak kan?


fariza said...

byknyer entry satu hari..hehehe seronok baca celoteh ibu mengandung ni..

Daniel Goldman said...

Your blog is viewed just fine in the Opera browser too! :)

Opera Software

AnasDila said...

along::keje ada,tapi bos kasi rehat la along...hahaha...tu yg menulis je ni...haha

daniel::wll...ok. ;)