28 January 2008

::tukang cukur yg gila::

When to watch Sweeney Todd with En.Suami last Saturday.Its actually my idea to watch it..2 simple reason why i watch this movie

1.made by my most favorite director..Tim Burton
2.ada JohnnyDepp..hahahah

En.Suami was dead bored because all the singing and all,but i actually enjoyed it very much..the story line was good..i enjoyed watching Depp singing...hehehe...Ive waited for this movie since last year..so is kind of a good wait,not disappointing..

this movie are full of blood..eurgghh..i feel like puking every time Sweeney sliced each of his customer throat (how to dispose a dead body?,make it into a pie!meat pie....ahahaha)..i taught want to watch Cloverfield,but because my sister review of the movie,the 1st 10 minutes made u feel like motion sickness,i had to pass because without the motion itself,i feel sick already,thank you.

this month ive already watched::

1.Gameplan (i have a good laugh watching this..B+)
2.CUCI (so-so..C-)
3.Sweeney Todd (all the gore and the singing and the jokes and all the drama..brilliant!...A)

im waiting for CJ7...just because of Stephen Chow..he is funny as hell..hahaha...cant wait this coming Chinese new year,when it will be released.

p/s::tak boleh duduk lama sgt dah sekarang dalam wayang,cakit pingang laasad

2 ::tingTong:::

a'che spa said...

bila dh ader little hanum..kiterg donlod je semua movie..bila hanum tido..baru leh layan movie..yup..the game plan best gak le..ntah2 rambut hanum jadik cam budak dlm citer tuh..sure comey..yang pasti..mama hanum malas nak ikat rambut anak dia..so..akan sentiasa pendek rambut hanum..

AnasDila said...

kak arin::anum comey dah dgn rambut die sekarang...dila suka sgt tgk mata die..gerammmm!!!