09 January 2008



its lame i know!

but its kinda fun and intriguing i might say...look at you left..its my moving feotus ticker..its kinda disturbing,look at it...its moving!

Alhamdulillah..im at week 11 and 3 days..yes,i ve gotten myself in a chronic costipation!3 or 4 days,then i get the feeling of poo pooing...ahaha...well,i dont laugh at first,but then,its what normal mom to be would feel..

i have to eat lots of veggie and fruits..thank god i love fruits..i dont like leafy green veggie..sorry mr.popeye..

Dr.Arbaai said my baby is 28mm long..but my tummy is looking big! (this is due to the bowel not the baby...my baby is still tiny,like most pregnancy book like to state the baby size is compared to fruit size,so my baby size is like a strawberry..well..ok...emmm..its disturbing you know)

there is another ticker in my friendster..its more colourful and humorous (to reduce the disturbing-ness...ahahaha)

i know its lame,but i love it!

p/s::we pray,he/she is fine..amin..InsyaAllah.

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