25 January 2008

::pet peeves::

i woke up late this morning,not really rushing to go to work,i actually took my precious time to get dressed and all.At 7.45am i head for work..How i feel, im not in the mood to work today...i need my sleep back (is not easy as my belly is getting bigger and it pain me all over my lower abdomen, my beauty sleep is far from grabpika24)

Alas,i have to endure this and be patient like a saint,and a saint i will be!!biggrin (well maybe im a saint with a pitch fork in my left hand....mrgreen)

pet peeves will be the first i want to stick my pitch fork into..as they are very annoying,and they are pure selfish..what are my pet peeves,there are so many,and they are everywhere!


1.driver who doesnt know what is queing,whats the use of their car signal light,and driver who drives slow on fast lane becasue they are using handphones ( they always got in my nerves..argghh!!evil

2.motorcyclist who doesnt wear their helmet properly,on the move while juggling between maneuvering their motorcycle and handphone,i mean one hand stiring the handle and one hand texting msg (absolute clown i tell u..and nobody would laugh if they die on the road)..and being truly Malaysian,even on the motocycle while moving,they still can chat with other motorcyclist next to them (absolute cow in the brain i tell u..menghalang lalulintas betul!!mad)

3.passenger in front or back seat who doesnt wear safety belt,and who throw rubbish from the window while the vehicle is moving (onced a diaper hit my dad's windshield while driving from Johor to Kl..absolute pea in the brain!)


1.a person talking so loud on the phone while the movie is on (just yesterday while watching CUCI,there is one moron talking on his phone,and i gave him the evil eye,because he sat NEXT to me!..beheaded moron!)

2.the one who doesnt switch off or silent their handphone (are they stupid or just plain idiot!for the 1st 10 minutes the cinema will switch on all the advertisement about switching off ur handphone so not to disturb other viewer..some people are just ignorance)

there is still plenty of pet peeves that i would want to write,but it just make my day miserable thinking of them...they are just plain pain in the ass..

p/s::mind my words..im cranky today..im not selfish because i tell at at the 1st place,im just plain cranky today.wink

2 ::tingTong:::

taroathirah said...

dila, cuci cmne?best?

AnasDila said...

tira::cuci ok lah..tadelah best sgt..