07 January 2008

::my baba::

this my baba aka is his 55th or 56th bday...(sorry la lupe la..)..this morning i called him,wishing baba happy birthday...and starting today,baba didnt have to go to work because he is now a retiree...baba,deserve a rest long long time ago

Baba,the one who put bread on our table,work very hard,and he also a family man...we live quite well,Alhamdulillah..if its not baba hard work and Allah will..

i once remember when i was a child, baba is very stern...but today all his children came out fine..hehhe..

but today,his first day of his retiring day from work,no more hassle in the big sity anymore,baba can rest and be with mama all day long..(mama,i am sure would be the happiest...hehehe..)

all nomading around will be put to end...(i grew everywhere,since we have to follow baba where he works..)

happy birthday baba ku comel!semoga panjang umur,murah rezeki dan di berikan kesihatan oleh-Nya (i actually cry while typing this,blame the hormone!!)..we love u!!

p/s::from your ever so comel daughter and son in law!!Enmuahhh!!

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taichee~@! said...

aku sedey bila nak blog pasal baba...jadik aku tak blog pasal baba...aku wish saja beliau. Tapi baba sedey. Aku terus sedey...tapi di dalam kesedehan itu, aku doakan moga Allah murahkan rezeki lagi pada baba, dan dilapangkan segala masalah dan dikurniakan Allah akan kesihatan yg baik hendaknya...Aminn..Aminnn ya Robbal A'lamin...

Baba: seorang penjihad dalam keluarga kita, idola aku dlm meneruskan jihad melawan diri aku sendiri sebenarnya...