15 January 2008

::i heart u all::

I am overwhelm and overly exited because my two piece entry for My World My Maxis, one of it has been choosen..although i know..my drawing is some sort of 3 year old drawing...(some of em say.."no,its not,its artistic"...hehe...thanks..)

All the other 13 finalist were good..so my chances of winning is 50-50..why?because u see...i only send 2 pictures,and one of it has been choosen,does that make 50-50 chances?...there is no need to be brainy to do the math...hehehe

i dont care if i dont win...but,of course i want to win (who doesnt?)...with all the supports i get from abg effi,kak naz and even from my lovely cuzzin.. kak yan and kak arin...i heart you all..i do..i was beaming with smile yesterday because knowing all the support i could have,i have it from u all..*tears* (a pregnant mom to be is always emotional...overly emotional..hahhaha)

to all who have voted me,thank u so much for giving out 15 cent of ur credit to vote me...hopefully if i ever win,u will also win a V6 motorola..and to win that u have to vote me like mad, 24/7....hehehe (sempat lagi promo tu...hehhee)

p/s::vote now until 28th January 2008

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Shila said...

yer sile lah link laling. =)