22 January 2008


Today, as early as 6 am, i wake up and get ready for my medical checkup at Klinik Kesihatan Bayan Baru. I have to be early, as this is a government clinic.I was the 1st prego lady at the time i arrived at the clinic. At 8 am,theres several prego lady waiting,i think they are much bigger than mine (i mean the belly..)..so being a 1st timer,i watched 1st what exactly i must do by monkey see monkey do. (mula2 kena amek no. giliran ye kawan2, lepastu amek kad merah anda dan kepilkan bersama nombor giliran anda tadi,kemuadian tunggu sehingga no.giliran dipanggil...they have two set of the same number..)

my number is 1004,because im buzy pretending to be a monkey (monkey see monkey do)...hahaha..After all the weighing (im 72 kilos....im berat like a mammoth!!), and blood pressure checking,they send me straight to lab,for blood test (they check for Rh factor,blood count,HIV test and several other test that is appropriate..it is good and it is free!!..) one nurse name Mendev is really a nice person,while taking my blood and doing some HIV test we actually borak2 for a while..its really made my day,im kinda happy today..my HIV came out negative (Alhamdullilah!!...saya masih berdebar2 ye walaupun saya mengamalkan cara hidup sihat)..so the next stop is meeting the doctor,Dr.Farinee examine me today (she is pretty,tall and lanky...kinda sweet person..)..she ask me to lay back as she want to examine my now-big-belly.

i asked her,to print a copy of my scan baby picture...Dr.Farinee scanned my belly,and there he/she is!Dr.Farinee showed me, my baby's head..how big has my baby grow...i laugh... and the first thing i said to Dr.Farinee is.."itu kepala dia ke?kelakarlah...hehehe" (mental note::not to laugh at your foetus...its NOT appropriate)...but i cant help it..Dr.Farinee gave me a small laugh.

Why i laugh? i dont know why...its like something i cant really tell you, how i really feel...its weird,its overwhelming..its everything...the last thing i will do is just laugh..(laughter is the best medicine,no?)

want to see my baby?here she/he is...

pink arrow:: head
dark purple arrow::hand bud
light purple arrow::body
yellow nonsense::me,my happy face...hahaha

as stated on the scan piture...im 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant..hmm i dont know which count is correct..but nevermind,as long my baby is safe and sound,InsyaAllah (pray for us ya..)

p/s::Alhamdullilah..praise be to Allah..

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