21 January 2008


we are planning for a babymoon.  (its not honeymoon because i am already 13 weeks pregnant...). after consulting with Dr.Arbaai and doing some research on the internet..it is actually safe to travel when you are 14 till 36 weeks of pregnancy..

i'll be in a plane for not more than an hour,so its kinda a short trip..not to worry about varicose vein or blood clot. Doing some leg stretch would do fine. I shoul wear a comfy shoe,and wear comfy and airy clothing. i should drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated a long the journey.

Tomorrow i'll be heading for a 2nd checkup with the goverment clinic in Bayan Baru (i also have my private Dr. mind u..just for 2nd opinion)..i will ask a lot of questions...hehehe..(kena pegi awal ini klinik,kerana ramai lah sungguh ibu2 mengandung di klinik itu nanti...saya pernah tunggu selama 2 jam kerana kekurangan doktor...ohhh!sungguh letih!)..tomorrow they will do blood checking for me (and its free!)

p/s::esok kul 7am dah terpacak dpn pintu klinik...hehehe

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