11 December 2007


i am so wanted to sleep all day long..

i couldnt cope with work anymore..although,yes,my boss actually giving me ample time just not to do anything 'dangerous'

so,my day start with updating my blog,unpaid of course..then i busied myself checking with all the data compile in exel..when for lunch,have my solah afterwards and continue with busying myself with non related work thingy aka surfing the net..

my day at work is not that tiring,but i must say, i sleep early nowadays because im exhausted..barely open my eyes nearing Isya'..

i will push myself today..i need to get off my ass from this-oh-so-cozy chair of mine...


p/s::am working hard u know..

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taichee~@! said...


Kaknaz miss kamu la.
Rasa tak best kamu tak join. Tapi nak wat camne...

Please tak care of yourself will call you first thing tomorrow..