13 November 2007

::ole picture::

last week, my mom in law,awin(my sis in law) and En.Suami were scavenging old pictures.Its a fun thing to do.I like old picture back in the sixties ans seventies..They have trimmings at the border of the picture.

as we salvaging through the heap of old albums and pictures ( mak dont have big album where you can stick  like up to 100 of pictures in it,instead all were put in album where the photo shop gave you for free,so all the picture kind of mix and jumble alltogether...hehehe)..i saw a kid picture of En.Suami..he is adorable..wanna see?

i managed to scan this..En.Suami were salam2 during hari raya (i have to crop this picture,because during that year mak doesnt wear headscarf..)

through salvaging all the old pictures, mak told me all about the stories behind every picture taken,it was a bonding moment between me and mak,its kinda cool...hehehe

i knew,once ayah had a grocery shop (no wonder if ayah is multiligual,he can speak hokkien and tamil..its amazing)

ayah,at his younger years..

i smile,when my eyes meet upon this adorable picture of En.Suami..his kind of macho looking kid...hehehe(wearing a gold neklace..written with his name..)

p/s::how much do you know about your in laws?
p/s/s::next,my baby picture...hahaha

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cleo weiland said...

Mr Anas sure resembles his younger self! And how lucky of you to have a father-in-law who also speaks Hokkien and Tamil..I can only understand scraps of Mandarin and that's it.

What do I know about my in-laws? Perhaps you can tell me :P

AnasDila said...

Cik Tim..nak tahu pasal mam and baba,tu kena mai umah KL...

to know about me...tanya abg effi je...hehehe

P/s::i know some japanese and mandarin.during uni years kena amek 2nd laguange,so i opted for jap..hehehe.Domoarigato gozaimasu!!