01 November 2007

::my look alike contest!::

its really funny..i just want to kill the time while waiting the clock hit 5pm..


cleo weiland said...

Waaa Julia Roberts!

And Anuar Zain. And Chiang Kai Shek? (Takpe he has an airport named after him)

Alizee!! Weeee~~

Hehehe I think I have one of these on my Friendster profile too. Btw is it just me or your eyes look a lil smaller in this pic? Usually your eyes are bigger..lain2 la muka cmne ni.

Kite kena jumpa ni!

(ehem2 note to Effi bile nk intro hehe)

AnasDila said...

i thought i knew chiang kai shek...hahaha!taht eye i call"erni smiling eye..hehe"

hopefuly one day kite boleh jumpe la cik tim...