24 October 2007

::have you ever::

Long time ago there is one song by Brandy..i didnt remember its title but it goes something like this

"Have you ever love somebody it makes you cry..."

Long,long time ago i was crazy finding for love aka boyfriend..i didnt know why..maybe its a need

along the journey (as usual) i found it hard to find somebody that really love you for what you are,they (the boyfriend(s)) intent to 'modify' me in some other way. One,there is a guy who try to make me skinnier,because he thinks its beautiful to be all skeletons and bones..its funny really,how shallow some people are.

i describe myself as bubbly,always laugh were ever possible,sometime i just want to be all quite and i like to read on my bead. i am a concern person,always care for the one who is dear to me. well.maybe shallow people cant see that..and by the way,i love cats..they are adorable.

until one day,at a place (well,i cant really tell you all where,because its suppose to be a secret)..i saw tis guy..he is cute,and chubby (i have things for chubby guy)...i saw him laugh..all his body was shaking..its so funny and he is so cute (i still remember so vividly the first time i saw him)

i was the one who made the first move.i was brave enough to stick a yellow note on his car (i thought is his car,unfortunately,its his friend..)the yellow note was written with my mobile phone number and my name (well he said he thought im an Indonesian because of my name is like one)

call me gatal or whatever you like,i was really head over heels with this guy,i want to befriended him (yeah 'just' friend)... from the moment i stick the note on his friend car which i thought is his car,i was waiting like a sick puppy..then suddenly my phone ring with unknown number,my heart skip a beat..it was him..the chubby guy with a cute smile that call me..it was destiny that brought us together

i stick a note on the wrong car but i get the right guy..

the rest was history..and now im married with that cute,chubby guy..he is now my En.Suami.

how i stumble and fall along the way,just to find a right person for me,to complete a puzzle in my heart.how i cry so hard because i have been let down by so many guy (not sooo many..but wellll).its not my lost,its them.

now i can stand up strong,because i know there is always hope right ahead if you are brave enough to walk the walk first.

p/s::i miss En.suami..(takpe balik keje boleh jumpe..yeyeyey)

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