12 September 2007

::klinik kerajaan::

do you know,there is one place where pregnant woman wont get ant special treatment eg..chairs to sit down while waiting?

yep,you guest it right...klinik kerajaan..because it was full of pregnant lady,some of them (including me) had to berdiri nearly half an hour just to sit down..its quite sad,because some of them are 7 to 8 months pregnant..pity them...well they (the klinik staff) should install more chairs fot this ladies to sit down.

in my case i have to go to two different clinic,because i have some problem down south...ehehe..

so the waiting is like forever,but im not complaining,because i got all the treatment for FREE...hahha...

while waiting all the mothers-to-be (some of them) telling each other what are their complication while pregnancy..well i do most of the listening..just eavesdroping to hear what are their stories..while i make myself busy by reading The Pregnancy and Birth...eheheh

all in all the midwives are kinda nice to me..not like i picture it (a living gorgon with  horrendous attitude to match)..

p/s::thank you dear En.Suami for being with me the whole day yesterday..

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Arin said...

heheh..rasanya private clinic pon tade kerusi empuk..yg ader pon kerusi keras kaler biru tuh ... so tunggu lah kat situ..the longest time penah tunggu was nearly 2 hours..sbb my gyne ader emergency case org nak beranak..perghh..naik kematu bontot dok duduk lelama kat kerusi biru keras itu!