05 June 2007

::heAl me::

i was busy mending my broken heart..for the past few years of my life,im busily mending it,until it look like a heart again

im not a person that easily pours my inner feeling and inner thought to somebody else,because i rarely have trust in people..

people tend to lie and so am i

its not that im not telling,i am ok with anything or everybody

i keep my comments,my sarcastic comments,my most hated things on someone up to myself

i rarely share it up

just because people hate me,and tell me directly that they hate me for thousandth of reason,doesnt mean i didnt have things for them..

i have fall,hurt,disgrace,humiliated time and time again

im muse

in my inner thought,im safe

im not perfect so does YOU

0 ::tingTong:::