02 June 2007

::do i have Friend::

i have been a nomad since i was a kid..well not literally

i have 3 different secondary school,and 3 different high schools

people assume i have loads of friends

yes....i have..loads of them

but none was real close to me

a friend that really know what my deepest,darkest secret..

maybe some of friends experienced happy moment with me,nontheless..

but,im in need a friend who i can always turn to

i have Mr.Brown though..he is my stuffed grizzly bear

he listen to me,i told him everything..i cried and laugh with him

it soothes me every night before i shut my peepers

but the fact is,he is not even alive!

well,at least i have him around..

and yes im 24 years old and am getting married..*sigh

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