31 May 2007

::Mak tok::

(from left::mak tok,tok su,mak Wan...)

it is ironic..

the first time i met her,is on hospital bed..she have kidney failure,and doing her monthly dialysis,if im not mistaken

and the final time i saw her,is also on hospital bed ,fighting for her last breath due to her kidney fail her again,and this time was the final time

through the curtain,i saw nurses and doctors struggling to revive her,as her ribcage moving up and down while her eye close shut..

i pray to Allah..make things easy for her,as she is no more younger

three day before that,she was in En.Anas's apartment..she was definitely delightful to see her grandson is finally getting married and she have see the house where her grandanson will be moving in with his newly wed wife....alas...she will be not be there in her grandson wedding ceremony

peeking her through the curtain on her deathbed,i suddenly remember my late atuk Zubir..he died because of heart disease..how i miss the laugh we had,the stories we shared..the coolest atuk i ever had..


1 ::tingTong:::

Miss BumbleBee said...


bakal apartment dilot dimana yer?

selamat prepare wedding.

jaga diri