22 May 2007


(a path already written in life)


waking up on monday is taking me forEver..(im late 15 minutes for work..great..just great...)

"bising je la burung ni..huh..mana la mama la makan..."

just like a bird i tought..i will leaving my nest soon to be living with my wedded month to go..


to embrace it all to become one is a work i never done is hard?will it be fun?can we be like the Eternity couple ad? (too much chick lit stuff i said...ahahaha)

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Arin said...

How's prep nak kawen?dah settle?Wedding is not for 1 day only..banyak sgt ups n downs..but you'll enjoy it..and insya alalh dikurniakan anak2 yang soleh n solehah..nanti leh rockin' sama 2 ngan sufiah hanum...-kak arin-